Registration for Parksville Beach Show and Shine - July 31st 2022

Liability Release

In consideration of the right to participate in the Van Isle Show and Shine Cruise Night August 1, 2020 and the Van Isle Show and Shine held on August 2, 2020, and by execution of this entry form, the Participant hereby releases and discharges the Van Isle Show and Shine , the individual coordinators, sponsors, volunteers and promoters of this event, and as applicable, their officers, directors, employees, members, volunteers and agents, of any and all damages, injuries, losses, judgments and/or claims from any cause whatsoever that may be suffered by Participant to his or her person or property.

Participant expressly agrees to indemnify all the foregoing entities, firms, persons and bodies, of and from any and all liability, including attorney fees, occasioned or resulting from the conduct of Participant or any person assisting or cooperating with Participant and under the direction and control of Participant. 

The event management will endeavor to ensure a successful event. We ask that you do the same. Kindly observe all Provincial and local ordinances, all safety and traffic regulations, safety rules and fire ordinances.

This registration and liability release, includes your consent and approval, without remuneration, to use photos of your car or yourself in any of The Van Isle Show, media package, web site, or other marketing material. 

By submitting this registration form on-site, Participant  acknowledges and confirms that I have read and agree to all rules and conditions of this event as set forth in this form, as well as, any additional rules or regulations that may be promulgated or published by the event management and I agree to observe all rules and decisions of the event management.

Vehicle Registration for Van Isle Show & Shine

$20.00 CAD

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For any registration inquiries please send an email to :